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Gary Carpenter | 'The Benefit of Hindsight' 


Last month, I premiered Gary Carpenter's new work for solo guitar at the Royal Academy of Music's Bicentenary entitled 'The Benefit of Hindsight' for the event 'Pizzica'. The event was live-streamed from the Angela Burgess Recital Hall to 6 people and a camera!

The piece will be recorded and will be available on the Academy's site in the following months!



Gorton | 'Lord Herbert's Pavan' 

The Royal Academy of Music has published my recording of David Gorton's 'Lord Herbert's Pavan' as part of #RAMplaysON on can be found here.

I premiered the piece in February 2020 in the Angela Burgess Recital Hall as part of the Academy's '200 Pieces project' for their Bicentenary. The piece is based on works from the Cherbury Lute Book - most notably Daniel Bacheler's Lute Variations on the traditional French folk song La Jeune Fillette. The score is now available through Verlag Neue Musik, Berlin.

It was a pleasure to work with David and to see the piece come to life! I do hope you enjoy it.